Apathy………..if I can be bothered.

March 24, 2007


At the age of 19 in 1941 my dad set sail for Singapore to fight the Japanese because he had to. After a pathetic British surrender (the officers not the men) 4 years later he was released alive, beaten but not broken and went on to live a full and I think happy life until he died at 71. He did what he did like millions of others because he was bothered, because he cared, because the freedom of our country mattered enough to put your life on the line. Was he a hero? I think so because he was my dad, but I doubt he thought he was a hero because to him it had to be done, it mattered, he cared.

Can you imagine asking a 19 year old now with no interest in army life, “Your country needs you”. The reply might be something like “Yeah later, I’m watching the Eastenders omnibus”. What has happened in 66 years, in less than a lifetime, people don’t care. “What can I do?” has become the mantra we all just stand back and let shit happen.

This hurts but here goes; the French care, if the French Government want change they have to fight for it, national strikes, borders blocked, rioting whatever it takes to say “Non” they give a shit, they will not be walked all over. How is it they learnt a lesson? Immigration, the French just open up Calais to anyone and over they come in their millions. My old mans generation gave everything to keep Britain British, in under 70 years we’ve caved in to a multinational army without a leader as cunning and vicious as Hitler. Nobody cares, “theres a Diamonique special on QVC I’ll worry about mass, unrestricted immigration later.” This isn’t a racist rant it’s just that we’re a little island that’s running out of room and mainland Europe is dumping on us and they can’t believe they’re getting away with it. I feel I have to say that I do not blame one single immigrant, in their shoes I would walk the same path. We need not have a conscience on that score it’s just that I wish we cared.

Our politcal system is pointless, no-one really cares who runs the country, no-one really cares what they do as long as the next series of Big Brother is commissioned. There is no right wing, left wing, middle ground it is all one fuzzy mess with no clear outlines and no-one cares. More people voted for Will Young than Tony Blair. The list is endless, The Olympics, congestion charging, fuel tax (don’t start me on fuel tax), immigration, crime, the NHS, education, Iraq, Iran (please god someone care about Iran before it’s too late).

I’m not asking for revolution but for fucks sake please wake up and start caring. Write to your MP, organise a rally, ask questions, shake the politicians from their lethargy, vote at the next election, question why Gordon Brown can be PM when no-one has ever voted for him. I can’t help thinking of that great 70’s kids show “Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead”. Rattle some cages, no Lauren you’re not bovvered but I am. Who wants to join me?

“Apathty, apathy they’ve all got it apathy!” (with apologies to Kenneth Williams)

If you’ve taken the time to read this. Please leave a comment, anything. Just let me know you’re out there! 


5 Responses to “Apathy………..if I can be bothered.”

  1. Terri Says:

    Nice post. You might be interested in reading some Evan Sayet stuff. There’s a youtube video of a lecture of his too that was worth the time. http://www.evansayet.com/blogframeset.htm

    It’s less about apathy and more about nonjudgementalness. In other words if judging is wrong how do you tell right/wrong, good/evil, improvements on now etc. And if you can’t do that what do you care about? And circle right back around to apathy. All brought about by those unwilling to make judgement calls.

  2. Lymond Says:

    I would leave a coherent and sensible reply but I can’t be bothered. No, in short I think the problem you point out lies not in peoples lack of inclination to do anything but in the lack of ability to do anything. One has to be so careful about the opinion one expresses nowadays that it simply isn’t worth the trouble a slightly carelessly worded opinion causes. Those who don’t like immigrants and multiculturalism are racist and xenophobic. Those who bother to apportion blame, rightly or wrongly, are oppressive and unjust. I think in time even Lawyers and Politicians will have human rights and minority support groups. What we need is the freedom to express an opinion and screw the people who don’t like it – politely and within reason of course 🙂

  3. I’m out here, brother, I’m out here. You know, my father, who was fifty-five-years-old when I was born, served in world war II and was at Normandy Beach. I mention this only because I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about what it takes for a young person to enlist himself into that kind of hell, and, man, I think you’re absolutely right: it surpasses the imagination to picture ninteen and twenty-year-olds today doing that kind of shit. And I think that’s really very horrifying.

    Thank you for your excellent post.

  4. micky2 Says:

    Daveross, I feel for you man.

    I’m 50 years old and have a 20 year old daughter living in Texas. Her 20 year old boyfriend engaged in a political debate with me once and I let him know that if she didnt love him so much, I wouldnt.
    He is a lefterd that thinks the whole world owes him something and the president was sent by satin.
    With no real knowledge but what he gets from the kos and John Stewart , he will be hitting a polling booth in a year and a half.
    He knows nothing of Viet Nam, WWII,The Korean War or the Holocaust.
    My daughter is half Mexican, who’s grandparents came here from Mexico legally. He for some romantic reason feels this is reason for our country to keep being bombarded by illegal aliens{mostly mexican}.
    He doesnt seem to understand that our economy is not a bottomless pit. And that too much of anything wiil ruin something. If illegal immigration keeps this pace, the blend that is so important to the beauty of our country will become just one flavor. And destroy its fiber, much as what is happening in your home

    Also I would love to blog roll you, would you consider the same?

  5. […] a time of honour, bravery and right among the ordinary people which is a complete opposite of the apathy of today. No claims for compensation, no claims for “Gulf War Syndrome” just an […]

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