Blogging: What Am I Doing?

March 25, 2007


My wife of 16 years thinks that I am opiniated, arrogant, selfish and is fed up listening to my various rants on the the news of the day. She blogs, , and Take a look you’ll soon get the gist. What do I blog for? To get things off my chest, to make a difference or just for my ego? The desperation I have for a comment is overwhelming, thanks to Andrew Eglington at Desperate Curiosity for showing an interest but it hasn’t satisfied my sudden urge for recognition. I need to know someone is listening and worse than that I need to know that people think my ramblings are of some interest.

How do I get someone to read my blog ? How do I know how many people are out there? What the fuck have I started? If you happen to stumble across me, please let me know your there. This is starting to hurt and I only started out of pity for the missus. God help me for I do not know what it is that I am doing.

Got to stop now need to see if anyones noticed me yet.

 If you’ve taken the time to read this. Please leave a comment, anything. Just let me know you’re out there!


5 Responses to “Blogging: What Am I Doing?”

  1. Lymond Says:

    Keep writing do, open a coffee shop, put the world to rights, put an end to the injustice, right the wrongs, end the tyranny, restore the throne, protect the forest, introduce folk dancing, demand a four-day workweek and health care for Saxons and Normans.

  2. daveross Says:

    Thanks for your comments, I will keep writing because I CAN. Does it matter? No. Will it change anything? No. Does it make me feel better? Yes. Tell me where I can find you, I’d like to see what YOU have to say.

  3. Lymond Says:

    I wasn’t extracting the michael with that comment; I’m genuinely amused and interested by what you say, as much as one can be on the internet. As for reading what I have to say, I’m afraid you’ll have to be content with disappointment, the most I have is a flippant bebo page with nothing of substance.

  4. daveross Says:

    Thank you, I was genuinely interested in what you have to say. I will have to make my next post on misinterpretaion of e-mail but maybe no-one would get it. Try this, I really do appreciate your comments, honestly.

  5. Lymond Says:

    Perhaps its not so much on the misinterpretation of e-mail but what you lose by not being able to observe a person as they say something. Tone doesn’t carry much in the written word. Ah well everything has its devils.

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