Opinions: We Can’t All Be Right.

April 9, 2007


 We all think we’re right, The Pope thinks he’s right, Hitler thought he was right, Bush thinks he’s right, Blair thinks he’s right, Saddam thought he was right and so on and so on. How is it that a single species can have such differing opinions? Take religion, I doubt anyone could actually count the number of differing views on religion from non-believers, through to believing in any one of the hundreds of god, to devil worship. The list is endless, by definition they can’t all be right so are they all wrong? The battle of the sexes polorises opinion almost more than anything but again if men are right and women are right then in fact they are both wrong!! Confused I know I am so why am I bothering to write anything? Why do I bother thinking, why agree or disagree with anything? Well if we didin’t what would there be?

This makes my uneducated head hurt, but I suppose opinion is what has pushed man as far as it has, “I think I can make fire” said an early caveman and you can bet your last ox skin that caveman 2 said “Well I don’t think you can” and off caveman 1 went to prove his point, the rest is history. Hang on though caveman 1 was right, so maybe in every argument someone is right, but that’s before you are proved wrong. How can you be proved wrong? By discussion ok, but that can only add to the confusion, by force “YOU WILL BElIEVE I’M RIGHT” which I have just named Bush and Blair syndrome (what a philosopher) but someones gonna get hurt whether you’re right or wrong, or maybe one party just caves in (The British in Iran) and then you have a winner but neither party was right in the first place.

Ultimately opinion is a good thing and what my inane ramblings have proved is that it doesn’t make sense that two mature, educated adults can think completely differently on the same subject and the permutations are endless and in the end irrelevant. There is so much in this world of ours that none of us truly understand that we will believe anything that helps it make sense. Once that view is ingrained, my particular favourite is that man didn’t land on the moon, there is no amount of discussion that will shift it. So yes all us bloggers are wasting our time, if you change one opinion in the rest of your life I will be amazed. So just sit back, have an opinion and rub everyones noses in it. You’re not right, you’re not wrong it’s just your opinion, and you know what noboby cares what you think anyway.


3 Responses to “Opinions: We Can’t All Be Right.”

  1. SPpark Says:

    I like your ideas, quite philosophical in a funny kind of way, thanks for checking out my blog and check for the new feeds, spread the word for me and i will spread it for you.

    Thumbs up for being a smiths fan (gotta love a bit of melancholy music in a melancholy world)

  2. daveross Says:

    You’re on my blogroll and I will recomend where I can. Never really considered myself a philosopher more a miserable old git. I will look forward to your, much more researched than mine, feeds.

  3. In my opinion, all opinions are not equal. And as your opinion piece wisely points out: since so many opinions differ, they can’t, in your opinion and mine, all be correct. And yet it is the firm opinion of the antisocialist that what determines the truth or falsehood of any given opinion is how closely that opinion corresponds with reality – i.e. with the facts, i.e. with the truth. If the opinion corresponds exactly, it is, in this one man’s opinion at any rate, no longer opinion at all, but fact.

    Just out of curiosity, daveross, do you receive emails whenever the antisocialist comments on a comment that you were kind enough to make on the antisocialist website? I only ask because your last set of opinions anent my latest post was highly amusing, and I’d like for you to know that I did respond in kind to all that government-plant-Matt-Dillon business.

    Best of all possible regards.

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