Poetry: Here’s Some I Wrote Earlier

May 10, 2007

A good few years ago I had aspirations to write. Short stories, maybe a novel or even some poetry. Like many others I made a hash of a couple of short stories, managed the first few pages of my novel then gave up but I did manage a few poems for children, for my sons who were 3, 8 and 12 at the time. I recently found them along with my other efforts, while sorting through some papers. I will reproduce one of them here for your reading pleasure! There are plenty of others which I will add another time, if I feel brave enough.


Oh no, it’s that time again,

The time I hate most of all,

Mum looks at Dad, Dad looks at me,

It’s time for bed comes the call.

I hate it, I HATE IT, I HATE IT,

It just seems so unfair,

Bed is so dull and so boring,

I’ll never make the first stair.

I know if I was allowed,

I could stay awake all night,

Dad says I’m just being stupid,

He’s stupid, I know I’m right!

I don’t want a story or cuddle,

Just don’t put me to bed,

They both ask me “What’s wrong with you?”

Listen to what I just said!

I suppose my pillows quite comfy,

My quilt is quite warm and thick,

Oh no Dad’s going to kiss me,

I think I’m going to be sick.

I guess I don’t have a choice,

I think I’m going to lose,

I’m feeling really quite tired,

Maybe I’ll have a quick snoozzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

It can’t be morning already,

I’ve only just gone to bed,

Now mum wants me to get up again,

I think she’s mad in the head!

David Ross



3 Responses to “Poetry: Here’s Some I Wrote Earlier”

  1. Literature in general, and
    prosody in particular, are my main
    areas of interest. They really are. I stand
    firm on that. Therefore I feel my brain

    is eminently qualified to pass
    judgment on your little lines here
    of entertainment: thus I think your poem like glass
    in that I see my young self clearly in your mirror.

  2. daveross Says:

    I read your response and considered,
    the best wasy to answer with prose,
    My efforts for you here deliverd,
    without too much skill I suppose.

    Thanks for your lyrical comments,
    for words you are not at a loss.
    I don’t want to appear to intense,
    so I’ll leave at “thanks” from daveross.

  3. You sell yourself too short at the end of your first stanza. Nicely done.

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