Search Engine Terms: Are You Guys Sick Or What?

May 15, 2007

WordPress give us all “Blog Stats” we all love “Blog Stats” we check and check again just to see how many people have stumbled across our musings. It’s all great until you see what some sickos enter into Google, AOL or Technorati as a phrase to search and then stumble dissapointed acros your blog. Yes I swear in some posts but there are no posts on any sexual nature at all in my blog.

I wrote a post on Women At Work it caused a stir, upset some feminists and some others but it’s something I hold a view on and isn’t that what this is about. It is my most viewed post by a mile, but and it’s a big sordid, nasty but most of the views are where people stumble across it and their perversion shows up in my “Search Engine Terms” in “Blog Stats”. I am going to list some examples and then continue my rant against this horror.

With hindsight I’ve decided to remove the actual terms used. But trust me they are truly sick.

You get the idea and that’s just today, other days there have been worse, yes worse! I want to know what the WordPress developers are going to do about it. There must be a programme that blocks certain terms being used to search something completely unrelated to the post. I feel tarnished by association to these sickos because their terms appear as searches for my blog. I repeat there are no posts of a sexual nature on my blog.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this and if you feel the same or have the same problem e-mail the developers using the feedback button and get these perverts off our blogs and back under the stones they crawled from under.


One Response to “Search Engine Terms: Are You Guys Sick Or What?”

  1. Brian Says:

    Wow, that pretty sick stuff. Fortunately, most of the oddball searches that get to my blog err on the side of silliness. I’ve actually started keeping track of them in a page off my sidebar. My weird favorites: “Tied to railroad track”, and “I’m on Acid”. (Neither have ANYTHING to do with my blog.)

    Of course you realize that by blogging about these terms, you’re forever doomed to receive search hits for them… Kind of like opening that first spam email…

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