The Environment: Can Someone Tell Me The Truth, Please?

July 27, 2007

Apparently in the next 50 years we’re all going to choke to death on rancid air, freeze to death in the next ice age, drown when the ice caps melt or burn when global warming turns the heat up to 100 degrees plus. That is unless you stop listening to the doom mongers and start to listen to politics and big business who will tell you everything is fine and all their initiatives will turn things round. There is so much information on the environment that I just don’t know what to believe. Can anyone tell me the truth?

Well I don’t know but I have tried to break it down for my own sake.

1/ The Individual

What can we do? Recycle, buy a smaller car, ride a bike, turn your lights out, turn your tv off and bnot leave it on standby? The list is endless but it is a pointless excercise unless EVERYONE does it you are pissing in the acid wind. You do not have the power as an individual to change anything, just get on with living your life and rely on…..

2/ The Politicians

Their biggest duty is the truth, the real truth. How bad is it? If it is becoming terminal do something about it you spend billions on defence, spend a fraction of it on providing an environment that protects us all. You pass the laws, you are in charge, for once in your pathetic excistence take on some issues that matter. Go after…….

3/ Big Business

The real culprits, I have to buy milk. Milk is sold in throw away plastic cartons. STOP IT!!!! Tesco, start seling milk in glass bottles that can be returned and reused. Supply all your products in paper or card. Use brown paper bags, give massive discounts for shoppers that re-use bags. You make billions a year at massive cost to the environment JUST FUCKING STOP IT!! Car manufacturers stop dicking about and start using non petrol cars. You know you ahve the technology just do it, NOW. All big business should take responsibility they have the power but they leave it to ……..

4/  The Environmentalists

Oh you poor deluded fools, you change nothing people don’t want to hear it. Live Earth, what a fucking joke. James Blunt, living cockney rhyming slang as in ” That James Blunt, what a complete James Blunt!”. The highlight was Dave Grohls beard. Noone recycled anything the day after Live Earth and if anyone did bother it wasn’t enough to wipe out the enormous carbon footprint left by the global spectacular. What a nonsense, ( The Foo Fighters were great though weren’t they?) 

So at the end of the day nothing changes, cows keep farting, cars keep exhausting, humans keep land filling and big business keep polluting. But will someone tell me the truth, has anything really changed? Why has it rained so much and are we all going to die?

I’m off to bed and in the morning nothing will change, some polar bears will die and it will rain again. We ar a minor irritation on history of planet earth and if we fuck it up so what. There will always be earth thankfully the human race will be replaced by something that appreciates it’s surroundings.


2 Responses to “The Environment: Can Someone Tell Me The Truth, Please?”

  1. Hello daveross. I really like your post.

    I can tell you the truth. I really can. And I will. Please see my articles “Freedom and Environmentalism” and “Oil and the Doomers’ Dire Predictions” by clicking on antisocialist. You may also find “Defending the Indefensible” interesting.

    Thank you.

  2. Melissa Says:

    AMEN!!!!! Woohoo!! Thank you for voicing what I have been trying to get across for almost a decade now – and what other scientists have been basically saying for 20 years or more. It’s time to act – NOW! Together, we can help the world. But everyone has to do it – business, government, individuals, departments and organisations. We all need to know the TRUTH, the whole truth and not some hot air that means nothing to anyone (the usual Australian politician speak)-contributing to the global warming process. Hehe.
    We need the technology that is available to BE available to the common people – everyone – not just one or two millioniares or those who are allowed to have it. Laws need to be passed, proper education needs to be given out to all, business needs to change, we as people – the whole human race-need to change and society needs to change!
    Well, thank you once again. All the best. Good luck on your journey to find the truth. Peace.

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