Die Hard 4.0: What If That Really Happened?

July 29, 2007


 This evening my 15 year old son and I went to he cinema to see Die Hard 4.0. What a fucking great film, Bruce is brilliant the action crackles along and it all comes good in the end YIPPEE KAY AY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!

However a thought struck me when my adrenaline level dropped to normal, what if that shit really happened? The basic premise is, a nutter screwed by the US Government (really that could never happen) hacks into everything that makes The USA function and brings it to it’s knees. The motives being revenge and financial gain. What if, and it’s a smirk to camera from my good side what if, the motives were different but the results were the same?

First the whole transport system is shut down, America grinds to a halt. The financial institutions over heat and the value of everything is lost. All communications shut down, no phones, no e-mail, no tv, no satellites, no emergency services. How safe are we? How long before anarchy took hold and how difficult would it for the enemy ………………..you can fill in the gap, to organise? Once again we believe what we are told because we can’t be arsed to question it. Here in England we are catching up fast and soon we won’t be able to fart unless we log on first. We all rely on the unseen government computer geek who sets up a firewall to protect EVERYTHING are you listening EVERYTHING!!!

Now for the big expose, I hope you can handle it, JOHN MCLEAN IS NOT REAL!! He his not going to save us all if the enemy start the meltdown. Yippe kay ay to you all, and goodnight.


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