Madeleine McCann: A Parents View

September 7, 2007

So it appears that Kate and Gerry McCann may be involved in the death / disappearance of their 4 year old daughter Madeleine. My thoughts since the day it was announced that Madeleine was missing were simply for a 4 year old girl lost and on her own in a foreign country. As a father of 4 boys it broke my heart that any child could be scared, alone or being harmed by some desperate paedophile, it would almost be a releif if she were dead. Dear God I hoped she wasn’t suffering. Yes it was negligent to leave a young family alone in a foreign country while enjoying an evening meal, but that could be dealt with later.

Then something changed, her parents appeared on tv for the first time and I immediately said to my wife “there’s something not right about him”. Gerry McCanns whole demeanour was wrong for a father in that situation. Any parent will tell you that if you didn’t know where your child was , suspected of being abducted you COULD NOT appear as calm and unaffected as Gerry McCann, Kate McCann was obviously distraught and showed all the expected signs of a mother in that situation.

The media circus that then erupted was suddenly all about Kate and Gerry. Kate and Gerry walk to the beach, Kate and Gerry being interviewed again, Kate and Gerry start to campaign, Kate and Gerry go on a media tour, Kate and Gerry meet the pope, Kate and Gerry raise 1.5 million pounds. Excuse me for spoiling the fun but what about Madeleine.  As parents you COULD NOT organise a campaign like that knowing your 4 year old daughter was missing. Good god he was also captured kissing a child on the head on some public walkabout. Who does he think he is?

Where were the McCanns twins during this whirlwind? With childminders, family, freinds? They had lost there big sister and now their mum and dad were never there. As parents of a missing child you COULD NOT leave your other childrens side for a second in these circumstances.

The British press jumped on the bandwagon, ridiculing the Portuguese Police as half wits unable to deal with a case of this magnitude. Well it looks like they were  dealling with it just fine. I guess they knew from very early on in the investigation but evidence was the key. These are professional men as competent as our own wonderful force (remember Jean Charles  de Menezes). British misplaced Empire arrogance again , Johnny Foreigner just isn’t as good as us.

Apologies to Arthur Conan Doyle but Sherlock Holmes would say something like “when every possibility has been disproved whatever is left however unlikely must be true”. Therein lies the horrid truth that middle class, professional, educated, Brits could harm there own child. I hope and pray that justice for Madeleine however unpalatable is found. My own opinion matches that currently being promoted by the Portuguese press that all 3 children were sedated by the McCanns before their night on the town and that Madeleine was inadvertantly overdosed and was killed accidently by her parents. What has happened since is a disgusting attempt I feel driven by Gerry McCann to cover their tracks, a giant media driven smokescreen that blinded everyone except the dilligent Portuguese police who kept their eyes peeled while the smoke cleared.

The devastsing loss of a young child and the impact it has had on the world will hopefully refocus some parents on the importance of being parents, none of us are perfect but we owe it to our children to be there for them ALWAYS. Our children must come first, we chose to have children and as parents we must accept the absolute responsibility it brings.

No I don’t feel sorry for Kate and Gerry McCann I feel sorry for a little girl deserted by her parents for a night out, a little girl whose life is almost certainly lost. Madeleine will always be in our thoughts, her parents deserve nothing but the contempt coming their way. I just hope that the suspicious Gerry McCann doesn’t pass the whole blame onto the truly devastated and vulnerable Kate. There was even a smug look to camera as he walked into the police station for his interview today, he’s just not right.

God bless Madeleine.


40 Responses to “Madeleine McCann: A Parents View”

  1. sanford Says:

    You’re so wide of the mark it’s laughable!
    I hope you remember to apologise for this slur when the McCanns are exonerated.

  2. Stanislav Says:

    It’s doctors, innit? This is how they are. This is how they spin their shortcomings and failures and, in this case, their crimes. This cunt McCann thinks he’s cleverer than the whole world. He really does think that with his horrid little rehearsed cliches and toe-curling platitudes he will eternally divert people from the glaringly obvious fact that he is an utter cunt and his dopey whey faced scouse bint is no better and nor are his ghastly bullying family and his pissed-up irresponsible drinking partners. Those twins should be in a place of safety a long way from anyone called McCann. We should know, too, what part our nancyboy prime minister has had to play in this massive spin operation.

    There are not words adequate to describe the conduct of the press, especially the BBC in attempting to pervert the course of justice, even now. lucky we still have the Internet.

  3. Janet Shepherd Says:

    My Question is:-

    From the time Maddie was missing who used the hired car vehicle before them? Has this avenue been explored? I find it hard to believe after all that they have been through that they have done something to their little girl.

  4. marxsbeard Says:

    the inevitable backlash against the mccanns begins. there’s been a lot of pointless bile all over wordpress (and elsewhere) recently. i’ll continue to wait until there’s actual confirmed fact (not rumours) and make a couple of points. i’ll hold onto my old fashioned belief of innocent until proven guilty. i’m damned sure there’s no rulebook about how a parent should behave when a child disappears so making accusations based on how someone comes across on television and in newspapers is ridiculous. yes the media circus surrounding everything was disgusting as was the xenophobic coverage. if you want to get angry at anything how about the exploitation of a missing child to sell newspapers. again there is no confirmed evidence that the children were drugged (other than faceless blog rumour) so it may well be your opinion but for now it’s just cruel speculation. will you (and others) feel as self-satisfied if all this proves to be complete rubbish? this kind of posting is as irritating, unecessary and unhelpful as the sun’s campaign to find maddy.

  5. ukrainiac Says:

    Curious about the blood found in the car, if indeed the child died of an overdose. Why blood? And why would it still be oozing over 25 days past the date that she presumably died? Not questioning your theory, just trying to make sense of the little bit that we are hearing in Ukraine.

  6. Jeremy Says:

    A Parents View is a spiteful and unfeeling comment from a parent whose children I pity. Because a Consultant Cardiologist is honed to control emotion doesn’t mean that he is unfeeling and guilty. Holier-than-thou parents have come out of the woodwork and all real parents know they are hypocrites. Meanwhile will we see apologies blogged when the McCanns are proved innocent? Of course we won’t. The people who make these veiled allegations are despicable .

  7. Stella Says:

    I m a portuguese mother and I have since the first all the same feelings about this case as you. God bless litle Maddie!

    • Kim Johnston Says:

      Gerry and Kate should go to the DMV. in Portugal
      look for an old creme car long an old fashion with a man owning this car.(6 ft. 170 lbs. thin to meduim build. dark complexion.Coarse hair. having a beard.) Must be a local. He new to watch her on the beach. He knew where she was staying. It was real easy for him to go to her room that night and walk out with her.
      I wouldn’t give up . every day search the common areas. This man must have a life too. He has to have a place of residency. He must buy food too.Is there a grocry store near by?He must go out a lot with a dark complexion. unless that is his natural color. Are there haircutting places near by?

  8. daveross Says:

    Sanford, if it is proved I am wrong of course I will apologise. I applaud your conviction that your view is on the mark.

  9. daveross Says:

    Stanislav, while I understand your anger your language is completely innapropriate. I approve all comments but I had real reservations approving yours.
    As ever the BBC as all press have not covered themselves in glory. This was only ever about a missing little girl not their media hungry parents.

  10. daveross Says:

    Janet Shepherd, thanks for your comments. I’m sure the police are following every avenue and leaving no stone unturned. The media have ensured that the McCanns are seen as victims. Remember they left their children under 4 alone for an hour and a half while they wined and dined. Everything they’ve been through is self inflicted.

  11. daveross Says:

    Marxsbeard, your reservations are your choice to make as are my assertions mine. The whole thing has brought out the worst in the press, the public outpouring of emotion (reminiscent of Dianas death), maybe it’s even brought the worst out in me. As for a parents rulebook, if there was one it would not include a chapter on leaving your children alone in a foreign country. I am not self satisfied and don’t mean to be irritating. I am angry that a young girl is missing probably dead and all we are talking about is the parents.

  12. daveross Says:

    Ukraniac, I think the blood will prove irrelevant. I don’t bellieve the deliberately killed Madeleine just a tragic misjudgement caused by the arrogance of professional people who should know better.

  13. daveross Says:

    Jeremy, there is no need to pity my children they have never been left alone or put at risk by a selfish action on mine or my wifes part. I have made many mistakes as a parent, holier than thou I am not. I am a real parent and not a hypocrite, I assure you if Madeleine is found alive I will cheer and apologise to all concerned. Her welfare should have been the priority from the start and justice for her should be our priority now.

  14. daveross Says:

    Stella, the voice of reason from a mother who knows where our thoughts should be.

  15. Thekla Says:

    I am south african and this one is hard , I can`t make up my mind.I do believe the mother is under a lot of strain, but the father is too controlled for my liking.True he is a doctor and they do control their emotions.My husband has said from the beginning they are guilty.Put it this way if there is blood in the room , then I say it could be them.As a person wouldn`t have enough time to clean up ,if they were checking in on their children as much as they say.The car thing I find a bit far fetched and they should look into who had it before them.There again the possibility of them getting the same car as the person who took her is also a long shot.There is just so many questions and no answers.So maybe we should all hold off on judging them until something definite comes out.Keep our thoughts on a little girl with big doe eyes and keep looking for her any way.I worry we are all wrong and we stop looking for her and she is still out there, with who knows.

  16. daveross Says:

    Thekla, your considered response is received gratefully. I would like nothing more to be proved wrong abd for Madeleine to return safe and unharmed. The car could be a giant red herring to break the McCanns will, I agree I have judged based on assumption and it is not something I do lightly. The response to this post shows how feelings are split and I repeat justice for Madeleine is all that matters now and if the McCanns are innocent then they should understand the need for the police to follow every lead.

  17. Dave Says:

    I don’t usually like black humour but found this interesting

  18. Larry Reed Says:

    At the very least the McCann’s are guilty of gross irresponsibility. No matter how safe a place is, children should not be left sleeping alone with no adult supervision while the parents are out of the home dining.

  19. Danette Says:

    I have some questions for you.

    1) How much time elapsed between the McCann’s saying good-bye to their friends on the night Madeline disappeared and Kate crying out about Madeline’s disappearance? I imagine the McCann’s would have to know the area very well to find a well-hidden location where they could dump, bury or sink the body in a very short period of time before they rushed back to announce her disappearance. Leaving her in the apartment would be stupid as any police force with any competency would be scouring the place for forensic evidence, AND the same would apply to anywhere outside of the property.
    2) Assuming the McCann’s found the perfect hiding place (it would have to be good since everyone in the area would be keeping their eyes open for suspicious-looking burial sites re Madeline’s disappearance) how would they manage to get there three weeks later without anyone seeing them? And what could they have done with the body? Surely someone would have seen them.
    3) Do you think Gerry McCann could have been in shock when he was first interviewed? Do you know anything about the ‘normal’ behaviour of people in response to such a horrendous experience?

  20. Jonathan Says:

    It’s refreshing to see this angle on the story. I will ultimately reserve judgement on the McCanns until the case is solved; however I’ve never liked the way they behave in the media. Meeting the Pope, flying to America to meet top officials about an initiative for finding missing children. They were behaving more like celebrities or politicians. It’s not surprising some people didn’t like them (and posted a No. 10 petition calling for them to be prosecuted for leaving their children, for example). I also always find it sickening when some parts of the British press have to criticise foreign police or governments when Britons are accused of a crime, and always have a “Brits can do no wrong abroad” attitude – it’s the same story when football hooligans are locked up. ITV news had someone from “Fair trials abroad” on the other night, and I bet they news editors were very disappointed when the woman said the Portuguese system is very fair, they give foreigners a lawyer and interpreter, etc.

    A week or so after Madeleine was reported missing, I thought she couldn’t possibly still be alive. I never quite suspected her parents, though. Sometimes I’ve seen people giving appeals on TV and thought: they did it. I didn’t have that feeling this time. (And yes, those other times I was right.)

  21. Maureen Mather Says:

    Jeremy is absolutely correct. I am amazed and disheartened that so many people can be so cruel as to even think that the McCanns can be guilty. Aren’t they suffering enough and living in Hell without having stupid people saying stupid things about them. They should be supporting Gerry and Kate not kicking them when they are down. I am afraid for Kate’s health and my heart goes out to her. I pray that this nightmare will soon come to an end.

  22. vushka Says:

    watching events from russia/
    parents are cold-blooded, arrogant and guilty, british press is one sided, people who read and watch all this crap aired on media are blinded.
    portugese police doing the great job, they are professionalsand they will found enough evidences to put this freaky couple in jail for many years.
    i dont think they tried to get rid of the body the same evening, maybe it was hidden somewhere in apartment,nobody looked for it so close.
    anyway shame on british police, press, and crowd of stupid arogant people who read cheap tabloids.
    hopefully they will rot in jail for many years.

  23. Le franky Says:

    Hi, I am French and I am currently learning about the Kings of France. Consequently it is necessary for me to delve into certain aspects of French society during medieval times like for instance the way people (judicial systems, the nobles, the Church, the masses) were so quick to jump into conclusion regarding criminal matters and failing to properly judge. Many innocent people were put in jail, many innocent people were executed.

    It is alarming and sad to realise that, even nowadays, we are not able to show any signs of improvement in our ability to keep cool and analyse THE FACTS.

    Daveross, I enjoyed reading your article and your message regarding parents’ responsibility is spot on. But as for your conclusion regarding McCann’s guilt I find it rushed.
    The Portuguese investigators are very quiet and unfortunately this creates a sea of rumors (needle, sedative), the Press (the bad and the good) is getting highly creative and I personally feel it is time to breath in, distance ourselves from the media garbage and try to reconsider the situation in an objective way. My verdict: none, I don’t know!

    Stanislav: I kind of like your style, raw and direct, but it shows a lot of anger and resentment and disgust towards many aspects of our society, doctors, government, people drinking, the BBC. Remember Stanislav, only those who hate, do suffer…

    Janet Shepherd: Good point regarding the car. Sometimes I think it is that kind of logical thoughts that could be needed to solve the mystery. Why? Because it’s about working at it in exploring every avenue, it’s about keeping cool and analyzing the facts.

    Marxsbeard: Spot on.

    Ukrainiac: Janet Shepherd and yourself should form a team!

    Maureen Mather: Again, emotion, emotion, emotion enough to loose reason!

    Vushka: Anger about a western world you seem to almost indiscriminately accuse.
    I feel it is, sub-consciously, some of your own eastern corruption you despise. In that case why not re-directing that anger where it is needed.

    To conclude, Einstein said “All I know is that I know nothing”.

    Well, I know one thing for sure: I wouldn’t like to have you, angry and emotive dudes you are, judging me the day of my own trial! Because whether I’d be guilty or not, that wouldn’t make a hell of a difference, would it?

    Le franky

  24. oracus Says:

    The McCann’s have admitted causing the death or disappearance of Madeline by wilful neglect this is a fact they are guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty it is up to the CPS to prosecute or not under UK law I hope they can lock them up for ten years.
    The remaining children should be adopted and raised with no memory of this.

  25. Le franky Says:

    Wrong. They have never admitted causing the death or disappearance of Madeline. They have admitted feeling the guilt of leaving her (and I presume the twins as well) by herself.

    You are confusing two separate issues: Inadequate parenting and criminal act.

    Inadequate parenting, assuming that the MacCanns didn’t get physically involved in Madeline disappearance, seems to be in this case, a minor element.

    I know what you’re thinking: if they had been there, Madeline would have been safe.
    And I agree. I would even go so far to say that, to a certain degree, they are “responsible” for not conceiving the notion of danger, or worst conceiving the notion of danger and thinking they could get away with it.
    But should there be something to really worry about in a resort in Portugal, where all you want to think about is to relax, leave the tension at bay and enjoy a night out, meters away from your kids?
    What would you have done, would you have been able to conceive any notion of danger in a similar environment? And if yes, what would you have finally decided?
    Going out or not?
    I know my parents didn’t always worry that much. They got away with it! Like millions of parents.

    Now the real question is to know why Madeline disappeared. The real mystery is about who is responsible for her disappearance. Could have The MacCanns been involved, acting alone or not? An ingenious hiding game following an accident: an overdose, a fall?
    Is it inadequate parenting degenerating and partially turning into a criminal act? Or is it something else all together?

    I have just received some news about a French newspaper saying Madeline died of an overdose. Without the body how could they know?…I’ll check that out now.

    Thanks Daveross for the opportunity to write on you URL.

    Le franky

  26. micky2 Says:

    Your statement makes you guilty of the same accusations you place on Daveross.
    Are you right on the mark?
    Do you know where the mark is ?

  27. Maxinquaye Says:

    I’m not a father, but the way the McCann’s have handled all of this is nothing short of outrageous.

    I’ve looked at their site about three times, with the most recent visit finding me stunned at Gerry McCann’s blog entry. It was something along the lines of ‘Kate, the twins and I went to a friend’s house for dinner. The twins had banana splits with child friendly toppings and loved them!’.

    This was posted a week or so after ‘Kate and I went for a nice long walk along the beach today’.

    Excuse me, but isn’t your oldest daughter missing presumed dead?

    There’s an equal chance that the McCann’s are innocent, but I think the Portuguese police are determined to get a conviction one way or another. Guilty or not, I’ll eat my hat if at least one of the parents isn’t formally charged before the month’s out…

  28. Le franky Says:

    Hi Maxinquaye,

    I will try to give you my own perception regarding Gery MacCann’s behavior as you did.

    I am a father of two and I sometimes reflect on the effect the death of one of my kids would have on me (sounds morbid, I know, but it is a good exercise to stay sharp, and perhaps to better conceive the idea of danger.)
    That form of self-inflicted mental pain is enough for me to realize that I wouldn’t adopt one particular type of behavior in a similar situation, but several.
    My behavior would range from: staying put and communicate on the phone to running around the world like a madman trying to find my missing child (depending on my sugar level.)

    Now, there are many points I find positive about Gery MacCann’s way of dealing with all this. First, he is very collected. Perhaps, GMC is not just an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation. Maybe he is in fact, an extraordinary man in an extraordinary situation.
    Let’s face it, who so far, in modern times, has been able to set up a website, use the media, and mobilize so many people and resources to find a missing child?
    No one. It’s everywhere, CNN, Fox News, BBC, SKY etc… and of course on the net.

    The MacCanns are under the spotlight, they have been seen scrolling down the streets of the little Portuguese village and so on…They are using themselves as a point of reference for the media and I believe it is a fairly clever move…until this point of reference becomes a target.

    What the MacCanns might painfully discover is that it is acceptable, even thrilling for some, to see a star become a victim (movies and sport stars endeavors can illustrate that very well); it is unbearable, for the general public, to see a victim become a star.

    Now, back to Portugal. To kill your own daughter even accidentally, get rid of any evidence, to be willing to stick around the area (with a teddy in your hand) for so long and still being able to mentally function properly would be an inhuman challenge, add on top of that an “in your face” investigation in a foreign country. One of the two would crack. If you are not a professional killer, if you haven’t done it before time and time again: forget it.
    One of them would say: “Sweet heart, I think I would rather live a better life in jail, than having to deal with all that garbage everyday, wouldn’t you?” But they haven’t flinched.

    I believe the MCs are innocent. And if they’re not: They are out of this world!

    For lack of better means they keep using the modern and fancy internet tools to get Madeline back to them. Their behavior is a bit economical because there isn’t any rage or apparent distraught. I wouldn’t read too much into it. I think they are still desperately hoping for Madeline’s return and that could make them look a bit faded, absent.
    But the world watching is getting impatient, the monotonous scenario of the couple quietly hoping and waiting for a miracle is far to dull, not enough thrill, not enough excitement, it is time for the victim to be back to being a victim…

    The Franky

  29. Sue Says:

    I cannot understand how gullible the British press and some of the British public have been regarding the Madeline case. It seems as though they have swallowed the McCaan’s story hook line and sinker. Perhaps Gerry MaCaan was right when he said that in the UK it is ok for parents to leave their toddler unattended for periods of time, after all the British friends he was dining with on the night that Madeline ‘disapeared’ also left their children unattended in their hotel rooms while they boozed and quizzed the night away. Perhaps they are a symbol of the rot that has become family life in the west?

    I think the British press have not helped the course of justice with their totally pompous and xenophobic slandering of the Portugese police. No mention has been made of the sheer parental neglect that has resulted in this tragedy and the cock and bull that has come out of the MaCanns mouths. Can someone please tell me when was the last time anyone got abducted from a hotel room in a ‘foreign country’, let alone from a room in an exclusive resort? Never! And can someone tell me why Kate MaCaan decided to wash Madeline’s stuffed toy 4 days affter her disappearance? And why does she remain silent if she has nothing to hide- is it because she does not want the world to know that her gross negligence and abuse have cost her her daughter’s life? How easy and ‘normal’ would it have been for someone like Kate MaCaan who has been trained as an anaesthetist to inject Madeline with sedatives- especially as Madeline had been ‘hysterical’ and had previously been heard crying for many hours in her hotel room while her parents had gone out on one of their regular booze-up nights.

    Why do I know that Kate MaCaan inadvertently killed their daughter- because that is what the Portugese police believe from the evidence they have collected.Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that the expensive QC’s the MaCaans have hired and the PR machine they are feeding will ensure that they will never be charged. They have made a fool of the public who have given them money they are now using to keep up their elaborate charade. One thing that is reassuring- that they know that they did it and this knowledge will eat away at them for the rest of their lives.

  30. Ioanna Says:

    They are the killers…i’ve seen similar crimes…they have killed her and now they are trying to get off the guilt…When this story ends you’ll all see the truth…shame on them…just think that if they were innocent they wouldnt have any problem with further investigation…

  31. Maria Jimenez Says:

    Trying to put myself in Madelaines place: “My parents leave me alone. I do hate it. I cry every night. They tell me not to be a difficult child. I cry for a long time. they are not here with me. Devastation, abandonment, fear. They go whatever I do. Fear, fear, I do cry, nothing happenss”.
    This is a child asking for help. What does she find? An abduction? Death in the hands of her own parents supposed to protect her? Death in the hands of a stranger? Where were her parents? Having fun every night. Madelaine rest in peace. I hope you get justice.

  32. Maria Jimenez Says:

    Why is this comment awaiting moderation?

  33. shirley anderson Says:

    they are guilty as sin, and as time goes on the truth will come out, I have said right from the start, they killed her. I think about that poor little maddie every night, cannot get her out of my mind, how can you leave three small babies alone in a hotel room and go and have a meal, she was heard crying every night she must have been so scared, shame on those two highley respected docters,should be locked up and the twims taken away. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT ONE DAY.

  34. […] couldn’t get any worse, guess what? It did. When I wrote my first post on this story Madeleine McCann: A Parents View the furore surrounding Kate and Gerry McCann prompted many people, me included, to believe that […]

  35. Loveisall Says:

    Good evening Drachenscratchen. 3 a’s you posted links to contact details for someone who is not ANTI McCanns. This person and his family are now in fear for their lives from those on 3A’s who have enough hatred to finish what you started.

    He has children and they are just as fearful about what you have done. Police are involved now because of this and I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

  36. daveross Says:

    Loviesall, I would like to point out that I am NOT “Drachensctratchen” or whatever his name is. He copied and pasted my article into the 3 a’s forum WITHOUT my permission!
    I am a parent with a view I posted 8 months ago, a view I am entitled to. I still feel there is something not right about Gerry McCann. My wish is that Madeleine returns safe and unharmed.
    I have no wish to criticise anyone with a point of view and certainly have no desire or intent to be malicious and have no hatred towards anyone.
    Dave Ross

  37. Loveisall Says:

    I’m so sorry Dave. Seems Drashen has done a good job leading people to think he is you.

  38. REVGREEN Says:

    sanford Says:

    September 8, 2007 at 12:44 am
    You’re so wide of the mark it’s laughable!
    I hope you remember to apologise for this slur when the McCanns are exonerated.


    Verbal Report by Martin Grime Relating to the Searches Carried out with the Dogs in the Ocean Club Apartments

    [Note from Ines, the PT text is a direct translation of the PJ video of Grime?s searches. I have transcribed the text from the video, which can be seen here: ]
    Apartment 5 A

    Ok what was done was we deployed the victim recovery dog into the apartment and by experience and the training of the dog what I first noticed is that as soon as I came in that the dog was very excited and as a handler I can pick up his body language etc and it would appear to me that as soon as he has come into the house he?s picked up a scent that he recognises and he has then gone through the apartment trying to source where that scent source has come from and as he has worked through the house the only two places where he picks up enough scent to give me the bark alert are in this bedroom, in this corner where he was barking.

    What we have to be able to understand in a situation such as this is in a hot climate with the apartment being closed down, the scent will build up in a particular area. If there isn?t a scent source in here, i.e. a physical article where the scent is emitting from, any scent residue will collect in a particular place due to the air movement of the flat, the apartment and what I would say in this case is that there is enough scent in that area there for him to give me a bark indication but the source may not be in that cupboard, the source may well be in this room somewhere else but the air is actually pushing into that corner. But strong indication and I would say its positive for things that he is trained to find, which will be part of a separate debrief.

    Moving onto the other rooms once he?s found what he thinks he?s looking for in this room, and we go into the bathroom and come into this bedroom he loses his interest because he?s actually found the source that he was looking for, until we come over here and I think you?ve got it on video that when he first came in he was quite interested in the sofa but he didn?t have access to the back of the sofa and when he?s gone behind the sofa what I saw was that approximately in the centre of the wall where the window is, just along the tile area between the tiles and the wall, he?s been scenting there a lot stronger than he has anywhere else and the when he?s gone out there the second time he has decided yes that?s what I?m looking for and that?s when he has given me the bark indication.

    What we should understand with this dog is that he only barks when he finds something, he won’t bark at any other times. He won’t bark at other dogs, he won’t bark at strangers, he won’t bark when somebody knocks on the door or anything like that. The only times I?ve ever known him bark since I?ve got him as a small puppy a) for his dinner and that?s just excitement and that?s one of the training methods we use to teach to bark when we want him to and when he actually finds something, he won?t bark at other dogs, he won?t bark at strangers, he won?t bark when somebody knocks on the door or something like that, so again I would say that?s a positive indication.

    The second dog that we?ve seen work today is the crime scene dog Keela. She will only indicate to me when she has found human blood, only human blood and it is only blood and there must be something there physically for her to be able to alert to me that?s she has actually found something. At this point over here where the victim recovery dog has indicated, as you saw on the video, the crime scene dog had actually given me what we call a passive indication where she freezes in this spot here which would indicate to me that there is some human blood there. She will find blood that?s historically very old and she will find anybody?s blood, any human blood, which is important to make sure that everybody knows.

    The fact that there is other scientific methods being used may stop you recovering any DNA but if you try we?ll see what happens. But she is very, very good and when she indicates there is always blood there.

    Apartment B

    We?ve searched this apartment with the victim recovery dog and he has shown no interest in the flat for what he he trained to find at all so we finished.

    Apartment 5 D

    We?ve put the victim recovery dog through this apartment, the only interest has been in some food that he has found, other than that there is no interest in anything that he has been taught to tell me that he has found.

    Apartment H5

    We searched this apartment and the dog hasn?t shown any interest in this particular apartment, apart from around the table, where there was a tennis ball which is how we reward the dog for finding things, as soon as we removed the tennis ball the interest was gone. And so it was a negative search.

    Apartment 4 G

    We searched the apartment using the victim recovery dog. No response. Negative search.

    Outside perimeter of apartments

    We?ve searched the outer perimeter, there is some interest here but it will take some further examination to see what?s going on.

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