Mickey Dolenz is The Stig From Top Gear. Exclusive!!

October 16, 2007


 And Todays Problem Is….. can reveal exclusively today that The Stig, test driver on BBC2’s Top Gear is in fact drummer of 60’s boy band and TV stars The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz.

Evidence has come to light that presenters Richard “Davy Jones” Hammond, Jeremy “Mike Nesmith” Clarkson and James”Peter Tork” May are in fact the other three Monkees. Dolenz prefers anonymity and spends all his time in the white jump suit and helmet that have become The Stigs uniform. It appears they have been living in England since the break up of the Monkees and as our photographic evidence proves beyond doubt they have found moderate success again presenting the petrol heads favourite TV hour.


We are waiting for official confirmation from the men themselves and will bring you up to date as soon as we receive any news. In the meantime for those of you who prefer to remember them as fun loving musicians not the broken husks of mid life crisis they have become I have included a video of “Pleasant Valley Sunday” as a reminder of better times.


3 Responses to “Mickey Dolenz is The Stig From Top Gear. Exclusive!!”

  1. charlotte Says:

    i love ur show plz can u show a picture of the most reasent stig please

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My brother does not believe that that is true

  3. this is all bull shit why the hell would it be Dolenz its is a f1 driver i bet you. or its james may becasue every time the stig comes on the show james is never in sight, or its a diffrent stig everytime drivers just trying to show what they can do with out anyone knowing who they are. but dolenz lol thats just bull wouldnt believe it evan if it was to be true i think it would just be a cover up becasue the real stig wouldnt want everyone asking him to driver the car for an advert and etc

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