The Madeleine McCann Story Auction: What Price a Childs Life?

January 26, 2008

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Well, just when you thought this story and the dreadful McCann’s couldn’t get any worse, guess what? It did. When I wrote my first post on this story Madeleine McCann: A Parents View the furore surrounding Kate and Gerry McCann prompted many people, me included, to believe that they had some part to play in their daughters disappearance. I still belive this to be the case. At worst they are murderers at best they are guilty of negligence as parents and gross misconduct during the media circus that followed.

This mornings newspaper headlines concerning this whole sordid story being sold off to the highest bidder on American TV quite frankly beggar belief. I’ve had a look on E-bay and at least they haven’t stooped so low as to auction their daughters memory among 2nd hand cars and cheap electronic imports from the far east. They have however gone on the hunt for the yankee dollar sparking a media frenzy across the atlantic to match the current presidential campaign.

Oprah Winfrey the biggest TV personality in the states is apparently paying £1 million to the McCanns for an interview. I hope she grills them, I hope the sad Kate and obnoxious Gerry are vilified by this incredibly streetwise, sassy and manipulative TV monster. Oprah will do anything to maintain her position and some of her shows stretch credibilty beyond belief. A broken Kate McCann confessing to her part in her daughters disappearance while her evil husband finally gets his comeuppance on live US TV is what Oprah will be after. She will gain their confidence then hit them between the eyes before they know it. She’s taken on the US legal system and won single handed, 2 British doctors after a quick buck will be no challenge to the Queen of US daytime.

The McCanns greed and that is what this is all about, greed, will be their downfall. As a parent I still cannott beleive that these two highly educated people want to traipse to the other side of the world while their world has supposedly fallen apart. If they believe as they claim that Maddy is still alive then they would find it hard to leave their house never mind the country. They have lost one child through negligence, where will the twins be when their travelling circus reaches Hollywood? Maddy The Movie? Let’s pitch it to Pixar while we’re here.

I’m starting to have some sympathy for Kate as she looks like a woman on the edge maybe ready to release whatever burden is on her mind. The evil, cold and apparently heartless Gerry just has a look in his eye all too familiar in men of his type. He knows the truth but his arrogance has convinced him he can take anyone on. Let’s hope for Madeleines sake Oprah turns out to be his nemesis.

The end to this story we all want is for Maddy to return safe and unharmed, if that isn’t possible then let us hope and pray that in the land of the free the truth is discovered. The McCanns are walking into Oprahs web and this black widow will not let her victims wriggle free.


5 Responses to “The Madeleine McCann Story Auction: What Price a Childs Life?”

  1. squirrel1968 Says:

    a terrible tale for that little girl, but surley even after all the newspaper reports and interviews the question is why did her parents leave her alone in the first place

  2. TheDeeZone Says:

    I have never understood how they could go out for the evening and leave their small children unattended. People like that do not deserve the privelege of being parents.

  3. IRONSIDE Says:

    Sadly you did not follow the case of Oprah….the black widow did not ask one single question about their lies….she just let them repeat their mantra…The only good thing to come out of it was the American people were not interested…the Mccanns expected big bucks from this performance and more interviews….this did not happen…For this I am truly thankful…

  4. IRONSIDE Says:

    Well a year has gone by since the case was shelved…no maddie and the mccanns are now directors of the fund. The mccanns and their “ploy” seems to have worked. They are free to enjoy their ill gotten gains.

  5. I am a remote viewer and have done a long search for Madeleine and found her 6 times, each time I reported my findings, the first time to the police but they refused to take my report. I then went on to find her again, This time for three whole days and nights, I reported this to the Mac Canns no 1 investigation team but my information seems to have been wasted, the next day I found her at a near by-airport, this was the last time I found her alive, The next time I found a man who was in great distress, he was in the process Of dumping Madeleine’s dead body in a bay in the location of a place called Al Hoceima, That was now a year ago. What I do not understand is why have they not recovered her after all this time, I have given them a good indication of the location with a picture of the bay showing the location with-in the bay making it easy to search and recover her body. I do not have an address for Kate or Jerry so I am unable to inform them directly, but there number 1 investigation teem do have a picture of the bay so they should have been able to have seen the picture of the bay by now, or were they not shown the picture of the bay. Do Kate and Jerry even know that Madeleine’s body is in the bay.
    I am unable to inform Kate or Jerry. if you have a means to inform them please will you do it for me. but if you are unable to do so please let me know. Thank you Stephen Greaves-Lord.

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