Michael Jackson A Dicotomy: From Pop Star to Paedo

June 26, 2009

So Michael Jackson is dead and the tributes pour in for a man who is one of the most famous pop stars of all time and one of the most famous paedophiles. A true definition of the word dicotomy. I can’t think of anyone who has touched people at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum as Jackson has. Love him or hate him you can’t ignore him.

I’m no fan of his, but I know all his songs. I spent a whole  hour long meeting at work recently with a couple of colleagues trying to fit as many Jackson song titles as we could into the meeting without our manager noticing. We managed 15. His music obviously touched millions of people, but in reality apart from the original soul aspects of the Jackson 5 and “Off The Wall” he produced nothing more than gimmicky pop songs for the MTV generation. While I can’t deny the impact of Thriller, listen to without the videos and it doesn’t even come close to “Off The Wall” with the possible exception of “Billie Jean”. He was of his time and a magnificent user of the media available to him, was he a great musician? No, he had great producer and a good voice and made the most of it. I will accept the “King Of Pop” sobriquet, as long as it remains pop where his challengers were Hanson, Huey Lewis and Back Street Boys. He was no Hendrix or James Brown or even Smokey Robinson. Lots of people brought his records but that’s because he knew how to sell them. Lots of people buy Pepsi but it ain’t the best drink ever made is it?

The well documented dark side of Jackson is interesting because he was never actually found guilty of child molestation, although Jordy Chandler wasn’t paid off because he was lying as he? Apart from the most avid fans which of us can’t imagine this man child finding himself in an uncompromising situation with one of his young male freinds. I don’t think he was evil, but I don’t think he was innocent either. He knew what he did was wrong but it would appear that he didn’t quite belive it. What he found natural just happened to break the law. His fame and presence probably insured that his young victims wouldn’t view his innaproprite behaviour as wrong, “it’s Michael Jackson, it must be ok”. Well no Mikey actually it wasn’t and  I certainly wouldn’t have wanted him anywhere near my children.

I believe his early days with his brutal father and the complete loss of a normal child hood led to his obvious psycological problems and his increasingly weird and unnatural behaiviour. His use of the media turned on him and he could never turn it back on his side. Ultimately he touched people with his music and children with his hands. One will never escape the other and Jacksons legend will grow after his death as stories emerge and conspiracies escalate. He is a true icon and will always be remembered but as the text jokes multiply and line the pockets of the mobile phone companies read what they focus on, it isn’t his music. The King of Pop is dead and he will be mourned, the Paedophile Prince has gone too and he won’t be missed.


2 Responses to “Michael Jackson A Dicotomy: From Pop Star to Paedo”

  1. 23 Says:

    you should be ashamed of yourself.
    he was found not guilty in a court of law.

    there is only one person who can judge him and that is god.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Total garbage. Look into the facts surrounding these cases. These are the documented facts:

    1). Jordy Chandler’s Father, Evan, tried to extort money from Michael Jackson. This is fact and telephone recordings exist – search YouTube

    2). Michael Jackson, the victim of an extortion attempt, knew that the publicity would be extremely damaging to his career and so entered into negotiations with Evan

    3). Evan’s demands became increasingly greedy – he was demanding millions of dollars and the right to produce his own screenplay. Michael Jackson gave up, stopped negotiations and left the country in August 1993 to tour Asia

    4). Jordy Chandler and his lawyers went to the police where Jordy alleged Michael had molested him

    5). Evan Chandler REFUSED to meet the police

    6). The police confirmed that they were not going to press charges – Evan filed a civil lawsuit within days, demanding millions of dollars, which Michael Jackson settled

    As for Gavin Arvizo, hopefully you are not naive enough to believe any of that. I won’t even go into it, but let me state these facts:

    1). The allegations of abuse against Gavin are alleged to have taken place between February 20 and March 2 2003. His wacky Mother admits that Michael had never abused her son before in the two years that Michael had known him

    2). These twelve days were immediately after the Bashir interview, where Bashir set Jackson up. Michael Jackson would have had to have been a complete idiot to have never have abused this kid and then to suddenly start abusing him at a time when the whole world was condemning him for the relationship he had with Gavin in the interview.

    3). Gavin’s Mother attempted to get money and gifts from a wide range of celebrities and was convicted of benefit fraud shortly after Michael was found innocent

    There is an endless stream of idiots, who are not in possession of the facts, who spout the kind of crap that you have written on your blog.

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