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I have learnt many things in my first 5 months blogging. There are some decent people out there, some nasty people out there, some opinionated people out there and some complete lunatics out there. But we all have the need to be heard in common. Differences can be seen in many aspects of what we all do and one in particular got me thinking about my favourite word BOLLOCKS!

I used the word in a comment on a particular blog, a very talented American talking about many different subjects didn’t know what it meant. So I sent him an explanation and he has assured me it will become part of his vocabulary. Global learning, evolution of language via the internet, love it.

So, why is bollocks my favourite word? I think it stems from the fact that most of the four letter swear words are now so common place in the media,  even the “C” word no longer shocks the way it did. So I need a word that covers all, that has impact and still gets a reaction but you have to say it right. When said correctly and in the right context there really is nothing else to be said.

This is the explanation I sent my American blogger.

“Bollocks” is an English slang term for testicles! Can be used as an exclamation i.e. “My team just lost, bollocks!” Can be used derisively i.e. “That environmentalist talks a load of bollocks” It is a word for all seasons and the more you emphasise the “boll” the more offensive it sounds. “All that fuss about David Beckham is a load of “BOLLocks”. Typically for us limeys there is an English term “The dogs bollocks” which is used as a complimentary term i.e. “Your blog is the dogs bollocks.” Seriously that is a compliment and I’m not talking bollocks

So there you have it my favourite word “BOLLOCKS”, what’s yours? Please let me know and maybe I’ll learn something new too.



My first ever post was on E-bay and was a rant against their take over of the concert ticket market. Well poacher has turned gamekeeper and I am starting to sell my collected crap that takes over every inch of my house on E-bay. It is amazing what married life, 4 children and 20 years can accumulate. If you are interested view my stuff at http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZretroeighties I doubt any of it will interest you unless you support Juventus or Charlton, have an interest in the war, or want to learn Japanese. Oh, or an interest in English or US comic books.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

August 4, 2007



WordPress give us all “Blog Stats” we all love “Blog Stats” we check and check again just to see how many people have stumbled across our musings. It’s all great until you see what some sickos enter into Google, AOL or Technorati as a phrase to search and then stumble dissapointed acros your blog. Yes I swear in some posts but there are no posts on any sexual nature at all in my blog.

I wrote a post on Women At Work it caused a stir, upset some feminists and some others but it’s something I hold a view on and isn’t that what this is about. It is my most viewed post by a mile, but and it’s a big sordid, nasty but most of the views are where people stumble across it and their perversion shows up in my “Search Engine Terms” in “Blog Stats”. I am going to list some examples and then continue my rant against this horror.

With hindsight I’ve decided to remove the actual terms used. But trust me they are truly sick.

You get the idea and that’s just today, other days there have been worse, yes worse! I want to know what the WordPress developers are going to do about it. There must be a programme that blocks certain terms being used to search something completely unrelated to the post. I feel tarnished by association to these sickos because their terms appear as searches for my blog. I repeat there are no posts of a sexual nature on my blog.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this and if you feel the same or have the same problem e-mail the developers using the feedback button and get these perverts off our blogs and back under the stones they crawled from under.


Surfing around the hundreds of thousands of blogs that are out there I am fascinated by how much some people are willing to share with complete strangers. I am very self concious that people know my name, sharing the fact that I am Dave Ross makes me feel slightly vulnerable. Now there are thousands of Dave Ross’s out there and I am just one of them there is no way anyone could find me or know who I am but you already know my name. I speak to people via comments etc. and they start to learn a litle bit more about you all the time peeling off another layer of your identity. Yes I am a little paranoid but also a little intrigued.

There are others out there who want to share everything and I admit I am drawn to this. We’re living in an age of celebrity where nothing is hidden, we know and have seen all we need to know of The Beckhams, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and the like. Blogging allows ordinary people to self promote, to offer their lives for public consumption. Who they are, what they like, what they do, what they look like and where they are. Information is shared with anyone who happens to key in the right “tag” or phrase in Google. Voyeurs like me lap it up, I’m a man I love the football blogs, the music blogs, the ranters and the pious but show me a blog that tells me about someones real life and I’m hooked.

I’ll remain a miserable, anonymous old git and only expose my slightly old fashioned views and my name. The rest of you can keep me entertained with your daily life. This is reality TV without the ads, or the TV. Tell me more I’ll be be watching.

Blogging: 1 Month On

April 29, 2007


 It is now just over a month ago that I wrote my first post. It was a rant against ticket pricing and selling on E-bay. In that month I have spoken via the internet to a dozen people I will never meet, I have had my ramblings “viewed” by nearly 700 people and I have discovered a new hobby that I hope will last for some time.

The initial obsession for comments has calmed and I now really don’t care what people think although the post on women at work created a stir and comments I really wasn’t expecting. It can only be described as invigorating that something I have written can cause such a reaction.

I have now set up a blog for my two greatest passions football  and music and I look forward to adding to them over the coming weeks. If you’ve stopped by I hope you’ve left thinking and if you haven’t stopped by you don’t what you’ve missed!


 We all think we’re right, The Pope thinks he’s right, Hitler thought he was right, Bush thinks he’s right, Blair thinks he’s right, Saddam thought he was right and so on and so on. How is it that a single species can have such differing opinions? Take religion, I doubt anyone could actually count the number of differing views on religion from non-believers, through to believing in any one of the hundreds of god, to devil worship. The list is endless, by definition they can’t all be right so are they all wrong? The battle of the sexes polorises opinion almost more than anything but again if men are right and women are right then in fact they are both wrong!! Confused I know I am so why am I bothering to write anything? Why do I bother thinking, why agree or disagree with anything? Well if we didin’t what would there be?

This makes my uneducated head hurt, but I suppose opinion is what has pushed man as far as it has, “I think I can make fire” said an early caveman and you can bet your last ox skin that caveman 2 said “Well I don’t think you can” and off caveman 1 went to prove his point, the rest is history. Hang on though caveman 1 was right, so maybe in every argument someone is right, but that’s before you are proved wrong. How can you be proved wrong? By discussion ok, but that can only add to the confusion, by force “YOU WILL BElIEVE I’M RIGHT” which I have just named Bush and Blair syndrome (what a philosopher) but someones gonna get hurt whether you’re right or wrong, or maybe one party just caves in (The British in Iran) and then you have a winner but neither party was right in the first place.

Ultimately opinion is a good thing and what my inane ramblings have proved is that it doesn’t make sense that two mature, educated adults can think completely differently on the same subject and the permutations are endless and in the end irrelevant. There is so much in this world of ours that none of us truly understand that we will believe anything that helps it make sense. Once that view is ingrained, my particular favourite is that man didn’t land on the moon, there is no amount of discussion that will shift it. So yes all us bloggers are wasting our time, if you change one opinion in the rest of your life I will be amazed. So just sit back, have an opinion and rub everyones noses in it. You’re not right, you’re not wrong it’s just your opinion, and you know what noboby cares what you think anyway.