So, there’s a fat gene. There are some poor people out there who just have to look at a sausage and the weight piles on, they just have to breathe in the smell of a cooked brekfast and suddenly they’re 20 stone. Years of study, fad diets, education all for no use, there’s a fat gene. It’s Ok there’s nothing you can do. Bollocks! Whoever is peddling this myth is not telling the truth, it’s just another excuse to put alongside “big bones”, “I don’t eat much” and “I’ve tried everything”.

When did you see an Ethiopian with a fat gene? These people live on bare minimum , greed to them is 2 handfuls of rice. There is no fat gene!For your body to store fat it needs to ingest fat. Your body does not create fat out of thin air. It stores fat that it can’t digest. You eat too much!As with much of modern society we can’t pick on the fatties, we can’t tell them to stop eating, we have to understand why they eat. It’s emotional, it’s comfort eating, they can’t help it. YES THEY CAN.

I believe it starts with parents who won’t say no. No to a second packet of crisps, no to another can of Coke, no to a doughnut at bedtime. It is abuse to let a child fill themselves full of shit food and stand back and say “there’s nothing I can do”. It is just lazyness supported by the theory that children can’t be punished, criticised or told what to do. Take control early, treats should be just that, treats. To be enjoyed on occasion not a staple part of a childs diet.

Once the cycle has started, the children turn into teenagers who turn being fat into the reason why they eat. These kids are the only ones I have any sympathy for. It was their parents ineptitude that allowed the situation to get out of control and then they don’t want to say no and add to their unhappiness. Well parents if your 13 year old is overweight it’s not too late for you to put it right. But no more excuses, just get them to eat less and excercise.

Schools must take some of the blame for not encouraging excercise at an early age and allowing children to miss PE fo any excuse, excuses again. Always fucking excuses.

It could be argued that like smoking, adult obesity is a choice but it’s a choice that places an enormous strain on our health service and it just takes a change of attitude to put it right. Stop believing that nothing can be done, that it’s just the way it is. I cannot bear to see another programme with some lard arse bemoaning the fact that they’re overweight as they shove another bucket of fried chicken down their throat. Just do something about it.

There is an inspirational American television programme tucked away on Livng TV called “The Biggest Loser”.  (There is a UK version see video). It takes the fattest of American society and takes them out of their comfort zone and puts them in a house with 2 personal trainers and proper food. These people have given up, accepted a life of obesity, can barely walk. After 2 weeks of a different regime they start to train, to eat properly, to feel better and to lose weight. The downside of the show is that as in “Big Brother” a contestant is voted off every week, but the point is proved. Every contestant that leaves the house goes back to their old life and continues to lose weight. The old beliefs shattered forever by a short period of doing the right thing. The weight losses are huge and because the diet is balanced with excercise there is no flappy skin, these people lose weight an remain toned. The transformations are astonishing and absolute proof that ANYONE CAN LOSE WEIGHT. Take control of your lives, believe it can change, watch “The Biggest Loser” and be inspired.

Do you know a fat person? Do them a favour, be honest, tell them they’re fat, tell them to take control and tell them to stop making excuses. Did you know there’s a thin gene in there trying to get out!